Holden Family Tree

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Stephen John HOLDEN

Born 26 August 1949 at St Georges Hospital, Hyde Pak Corner, London. Westminster Registration District.

Married Clara Claudette RIETVELD born 3 May 1947, Brooklyn, New York at St Saviour Church, Totland, Isle of Wight on 10 July 1999.


George Arthur Stanley HOLDEN born 24 September 1924 in Liverpool, Lancashire. Died Freshwater, Isle of Wight  August 1994

Dorothy Jean PINK born 23 September 1925 at Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight

Married 25 October 1947 at All Saints Church, Freshwater, Isle of Wight.


Stephen John HOLDEN

Janet Elizabeth HOLDEN born 5 January 1953 at Wembley, Middlesex

Grandparents – Holden

 Idris May GRUNNILL born 11 October 1903 Liverpool. Died October 1991.

 George HOLDEN born about 1895. Died (Unknown)


George Arthur Stanley HOLDEN


Grandparents – Pink

Arthur PINK born 1896 in Frensham, Surrey. Died 1944 Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight

Ethel Jean HYDE born 23 December 1901, Rotherhithe, London. Died 1982 Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight.

Married 1924 at Christ’s Church, Totland Isle of Wight.


Dorothy Jean PINK

Barbara Elizabeth PINK born Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight 1927

Elizabeth Joy PINK born Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight 1932

Great Grandparents – Holden

Nothing known.

Great Grandparents – Grunnill

Arthur GRUNNILL born Winthorpe, 1870 Lincolnshire. Died (unknown)

Emma SCHORAH born 27 March 1873, Liverpool. Died (Unknown)

Married 1898, Liverpool



Thomas GRUNNILL born 1897.

Arthur Sidney GRUNNILL born 1900.

Francis Walter GRUNNILL born 1902.

Lancelot Charles GRUNNILL born 1905.

Great Grandparents – Pink

Frederick PINK born 1860 Dockenfield, Surrey (Hampshire). Died (Unknown).

Mercy Elizabeth JOY born 1864 Dockenfield, Surrey (Hampshire). Died (Unknown).

Married July 10 1886, Frensham, Surrey


Arthur PINK

Emily PINK born 1888

Albert PINK born 1890

Ethel PINK born 1891

Elsie PINK born 1893

Ernest James PINK born 1901

Wilfred Joy PINK born 1907

Great Grandparents – Hyde

George Alexander HYDE born 1869 Addlestone, Surrey. Died (Unknown).

Emily Martha HOPKINS born about 1864 Rotherhithe, London. Died (Unknown)

Married June 12 1892 at St Mary Magdelan, Southwark.

Children. There are reputedly 13. These are the one so far traced:

Ethel Jean HYDE

Leonore Florence HYDE born 1893

Winifred HYDE born 1893 (also known as Nellie)

William G HYDE born 1894

Albert Archibald HYDE born 1895 died 1916.

Cyril HYDE born 1897

Hilda May HYDE born 1899

Edith HYDE born 1902 died 1902.

Emily HYDE born 1902 died 1902.

Great Great Grandparents – Grunnill

Sarah GRUNNILL of Winthorpe, Lincolnshire

There in no father on the birth certificate.

Great Great Grandparents - Schorah

Josiah SCHORAH born about 1819 Stanley, York. Died 1903, Liverpool.

Emma GARNER born (unknown). Died 1889 Liverpool.

Married 1867 Great Broughton, Cheshire.

Note: Josiah SCHORAH was previously married to Hannah Dixon (died 1866) and it is thought that Emma GARNER had previously been married.



Anne D SCHORAH born Chatteris, Cambs, about 1869

Charles D SCHORAH born Chatteris, Cambs, about 1870

Sidney H SCHORAH born Chatteris, Cambs, about 1873

Josiah C SCHORAH born Liverpool about 1878

Great Great Grandparents – Pink

Jonathan PINK born 1820 died between 1864 and 1881

Eleanor HALL born 1820 in Dockenfield died March 1902

Married on 25 July 1843 at Frensham, Surrey.


Frederick PINK

William PINK born 1844

Jonathan PINK born 1846

George PINK born 1855

Mark PINK born 1857

Ellen PINK born 1864

Great Great Grandparents – Joy

James JOY born about 1817 in Dockenfield, Surrey, died September 1884.

Elizabeth COOPER born about 1819 in Binsted, Hampshire

Married in December 1841.


Jesse JOY born 1852

Arthur JOY born 1861

Mercy Elizabeth JOY.

Great Great Grandparents – Hyde

George HYDE born in Addlestone, Surrey 1842

Jean Marshall LAWRENCE (or Jeannie Niven LAWRENCE or Jeannie Marshall NIVEN)  born Durris, Kincardine, Scotland 1843

Married 1 October 1865


George Alexander HYDE

Flora HYDE born 1876.

Archibald HYDE born 1880

William HYDE born 1881

Great Great Grandparents – Hopkins

Henry HOPKINS – nothing further known

Great Great Great Grandparents - Grunnill

Joseph GRUNNILL born about 1816 Winthorpe, Lincolnshire, died 1910

Susanah HANDSLEY  born about 1817 Winthorpe, Lincolnshire, died about June 1899

Marriage details not known, but prior to 1853.



Eliza GRUNNILL born about 1863

Great Great Great Grandparents – Pink

William PINK No further details

Elizabeth HERBERT (HEBBERT) No further details

Married on 26 January 1805


William PINK born 1807

Mary PINK born 1809

Elizabeth PINK born 1814

Martha PINK born 1817

Jonathan PINK

Great Great Great Grandparents – Hall

William HALL No further details

Hannah PACEY No further details

Married (no further details)


Mary HALL born 1812

James HALL born 1814

William HALL born 1817

Eleanor HALL

John HALL born 1824

George HALL born 1825

Henry HALL born 1829

Great Great Great Grandparents – Joy

William JOY No further details

Mary ? No further details

Married (No further details)


James JOY

Great Great Great Grandparents – Hyde

Isaac HYDE born 1802 in Chertsey

Caroline ? born 1800

Married 1830


George HYDE

4G Grandparents - Grunnill 

John GRUNNILL No further details

Caroline ? born 1800

Married No further details



4G Grandparents – Hyde

James HYDE born about 1780

Sarah ? born about 1780


Isaac HYDE