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 The oldest confirmed information I have found about the Holden side of my family is 16 April 1924, when George Holden married Idris Grunnill at St Chads Parish Church, Everton Liverpool. The marriage produced 2 children, but was short lived. I am told that George served in the First World War (possibly in the East Lancashire Regiment) and suffered from shell shock. I know that he was a railwayman, but he left my grandmother and does not appear to have been spoken about in the family, although I understood from a (now deceased) uncle that he died during the early 1970's.

Idris and George Holden

On the Marriage certificate his age is given as 29 (born 1895) and his father  as John Holden (deceased). From the 1901 census the only likely parents are John and Alice Holden of Smithdown Lane, Edge Hill Liverpool. John's occupation is given as a 'Corporation Carter', which again agrees with George and Idris' Marriage certificate. I have not been able to trace them prior to this, your proverbial brick wall.

George and Idris had two children, George Arthur Stanley HOLDEN, born 21 September 1924 at Ribble Street, Liverpool and a daughter (still living).

George HOLDEN married Jean PINK on  25 October 1947 at All Saints Church, Freshwater.

George and Jean Holden had two children, Stephen John and Janet Elizabeth.

Idris May HOLDEN (nee GRUNNILL) died October 1991 in Liverpool, age 87.

George Arthur Stanley (also known as Joe) HOLDEN died at Freshwater, Isle of Wight in August 1994, age 69.

A Holden family group George Holden and sister George after joining the services.

A Holden family group

George Holden and sister

George after joining the services.


My father, with one of his uncles.

My father and his sister.

My father, photo dated 1929/30. He was about 5

My paternal Grandmother, Nan Holden dated 1945

Two picture of my fathers sister.

Nan Holden during the 1980's

Nan Holden with Jean, her daughter in law and Jan, her granddaughter.



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